The Caravan & Motorhomes Show 2014


Come and view our exclusive Rowanwater Show Lodge at

The Caravan & Motorhome Show 2014

Eventycity Manchester.


Everyone at Rowanwater is really excited for the grand unveiling of our exclusively designed Rowanwater Show Lodge courtesy of Cambrian Leisure Homes. We feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to exhibit our lodge on stand no. 3-209 alongside Cambrian at The Caravan & Motorhome Show 2014 and will be there side by side with the staff at Cambrian all day from Thursday 23rd until Sunday 26th January. My tent will be erected in the master bedroom, this is not an integral feature of the lodge! 😉


The Rowanwater Lodge has been designed based on a combination of the bestselling Cambrian lodges and the colour schemes and themes throughout have been hand picked by me, myself and I.

After an extremely long stint down in Wales at the Cambrian Head Office attempting to awaken the interior designer who rests latent in my psyche, I am super excited to see what the finished article actually looks like. There is only so long one can stare at tile, carpet, curtain, wallpaper and cushion samples without going stir crazy and completely losing one’s vision for the end product. Fingers crossed that my design intuition will be a crowd-pleaser and the Rowanwater will look just as fantastic as I envisioned it to look 8 weeks ago!


With the option for elegant bi-fold doors which slide away to leave you with a panoramic view of the lake and light subtle tones throughout, this lodge will be a fresh and clean-feeling space with plenty of natural light and views to die for!

Whether you opt for the original “General Arrangement” where the living room is at the end of the lodge facing out or the more unusual “Centre Lounge Arrangement” where the living room faces out along the whole length of the lodge, this lodge is guaranteed to impress.


Not only this lodge an exclusive design but it is only available here on Rowanwater. Cambrian have never made this style of lodge before and will not be building any for other Lodge Parks so…

 “If you like it put a ring on it!”

**Beyoncé is not guaranteed to be present at this event**

The way we work at Rowanwater allows our residents to plan and design there home down to the last detail and we therefore leave the each plot empty until someone wants to occupy it with whichever lodge they so choose.

There is no restriction on what lodge can go on which plot so long as it fits on the concrete base. Having said this, there are only 9 plots out of the full 30 which are large enough to accommodate a 52 ft. x 22ft. Rowanwater Lodge so don’t hang about too long otherwise you may miss out on the chance to own this stunningly unique bespoke home on our luxurious lakeside location.


See you at the Show 🙂

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