Fishing at Rowanwater.

As Rowanwater used to be a Fishery, your private lake is stocked with Specimen Carp & Catfish weighing up to 15lbs and can be fished at your leisure.


Residents who occupy lakeside homes can fish from their garden or decking and those residents who occupy plots on the landscape can fish from the communal fishing areas illustrated on the Site Plan.


We can even build you your own private fishing peg on your plot, a dream come true for the keen fisherman.


The River Wyre runs along side Rowanwater and the fishing rights for this stretch of river are own by Rowanwater meaning that no one else is allowed to fish this section of the river.


The River Wyre is home to a variety of different fish, including Atlantic Salmon which travel thousands of miles from the Atlantic Ocean up the River Wyre to the Bowland Fells to spawn.



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