New Residents on Rowanwater!

New life on Rowanwater puts a spring in our step.


Now the Development is all finished and the machinery is off site, the natural tranquility of life by the lake side has started to take over and the wild life is returning.

photo (3)

We have had gaggles of geese gathering together both on the lake and on vacant plots, one even had a small identity crisis and believed he was a flamingo…

photo 2

…he was eventually talked out of his delusion and realized he was not pink, called James or living in Peru.

We are happy to see the young goslings in tow (even though they spend half their time eating our freshly sewn grass seed!!) and flocks of ducks who spend the spring afternoons sunbathing on their favourite Plot… It’s number 19 by the way so if anyone was wondering, the ducks have cleared any question about which plot gets the most sun!!


We have also spotted a couple of nests around the lakeside and are looking forward to the cute little hatch-lings bobbing about on the water and learning to swim.

photo 1

We used to have a resident kingfisher on the lake when it was a fishery but he has made himself scarce over the past couple of years as we have developed the site. I am keeping my eyes peeled for him though and will be sure to welcome him home when he returns…. Just call me Melissa Attenborough!images

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