What Are The Benefits of Living in a Park Home?

There are many benefits of escaping traditional living and taking up occupancy full time of a park home or escaping everyday life in your holiday lodge.

With the increase of good quality lodge manufacturers such as Cambrian, Pathfinder and Prestige, park home living has lost its stigma and is now a realistic and cost effective living solution.

Luxury residential homes are available from a range of manufacturers and can often be bespoke in design and made to be as unique and individual as you are! Bespoke residential homees are what we specialise in at Rowanwater and we strive to provide our customers with whatever they require when it comes to the design and build of their new residential park home or luxury holiday lodge.

So what are the main benefits of general park living?

There is a huge list of benefits to reap when ditching the bricks and mortar to start a new lifestyle on a rural residential site such as Rowanwater.

The overall value for money of a residential park home is miles above that of living in a traditional house. You get more for your money when buying a residential park home or lodge and, because the homes are made to order, you specify all details of the build when placing your order.

This also helps by eliminating the potential financial outlay for refurbishment or redecorating. The bespoke residential homes we provide for our customers are fully furnished which also reduces cost – the beds even come made-up with brand new bedding!

Reduced running costs:
The homes are all built to residential specification BS3632 which means that they adhere to the British Standard legal requirements for a residential dwelling.

Therefore, the roofs and floors of our lodges are built with 100mm thick fibreglass insulation and 50mm thick fibreglass in the walls.

The majority of park homes and holiday lodges are very eco-friendly and all come with energy-efficient everyday appliances as well as being extremely well insulated.

The majority of park homes and residential lodges are located on lodge parks such as Rowanwater. This means that residents are part of a firm community where there is safety in numbers to give you extra peace of mind when starting your new park lifestyle.

Strangers are always noticed on site and there is someone available at all times – whether this is the Site Manager, Maintenance Manager or some of your neighbours, you would have plenty of back up if ever there was an altercation.

Rowanwater is a particularly safe development as it is protected by a large electric security gate which can only be opened by residents or the site owner.

There is also 24/7 CCTV on all the surrounding roadways and the gate camera has car registration recognition software so every visitor to the site is recorded.

One of the major appeals about park home living is that the homes require very little maintenance. As a resident on Rowanwater, you never have to worry about maintenance of your home as we have it all covered due to our comprehensive maintenance package.

For an annual fee we will take care of all outdoor maintenance aspects, affording you a rural lifestyle without the hassle or burden of outdoor chores.

Following on from the maintenance of Rowanwater homes, we specify that all homes here must be clad in CanExcel cladding as this pressurised, reconstituted, acrylic-coated wooden fibre is much more durable than normal timber and does not require annual treating with varnish and oil.

Cladding can also withstand much harsher weather conditions which adds to the longevity of the structure. Not only is this a much easier living solution for you, but it is also a lot more cost effective.

Peace & quiet:
Park homes are detached, single storey units which means there are no bumps from next door or upstairs neighbours and the added benefit of our stunning rural location means peace and tranquility all day, every day.

A home on Rowanwater is a far cry from the often over-populated neighbourhoods many people find themselves living in these days.

We can quite confidently say that the luxury of our lakeside residential homes is second to none in this area and our secluded rural location means that our residents enjoy peace and quiet and can relax in their homes surrounded by beautiful landscapes and lakeside views.


As you can see, the benefits of park home living are plentiful and with a large percentage of people making the change, why not look into it yourself? If you require any further information on luxury residential and holiday lodges on Lancashire’s premier lakeside lodge development then please get in touch and our Sales Manager will be happy to advise you.

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