Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the difference between Residential and Holiday Status homes?
A1. Residential homes are homes which can be registered as your main address and can be lived in legally f0r 365 of the year. If you have a residential status home you have full rights and you pay council tax as normal. Holiday Status Homes are homes which belong to the owner yet they are not the registered main address.
Q2. Are the lodges available to rent and can I sublet my home?
A2. There are no rentals or sublets on Rowanwater. The lodges are bought outright by the Owner and can either be lived in full time as a main address or used as a holiday home by the Owner and their family only. We are a mainly residential park and we want to protect the permanent residents on site by limiting holiday visitors to other Lodge Owners only. This is not a holiday park.
Q3. Are the plots Free Hold or Lease Hold?
A3. The plots are lease hold. The Lodge Owner buys the lodge itself and the accompanying decking and the plot is rented on a 99 year lease basis. The Ground Rent is due annually on 5th April and is £2,000 p/a for residential and £2,300 + VAT p/a for holiday.
Q4. I want to move onto Rowanwater but I have a house to sell. What should I do?
A4. This is a situation that many potential Lodge Owners find themselves in and as a Company we are willing to provide finance to Lodge Owners wherever possible. Each case will be reviewed on individual merits and a proof of income and character references will be required. An alternative option is to use a Part Exchange Company who buy your current house off you and you then use the money obtained from them to pay for your lodge. We will also consider part exchange but again, this will be reviewed on an individual basis.
Q5. What does the final price of my lodge include?
A5. The final price of your lodge includes the lodge itself, all the items of removable furniture and internal fixtures, the transportation and siting costs and the decking.
Q6. Are the Terms & Conditions and the Site Rules all non-negotiable?
A6. The Terms & Conditions and Site Rules have been set out to cover all plots and all eventualities. If a prospective purchaser wishes to discuss any of the rules or Terms & Conditions, we are happy to explain them in detail and if there are any changes requested that are not detrimental to other residents we would consider them. For example, we have agreed variations on our Terms & Conditions regarding orders and deposits to suit individual circumstances. On certain plots sheds can be allowed as they can be unobtrusive or located out of sight. Owners wanting their own design of gardens can be accommodated. Reinforced concrete bases can be altered or extended if additional decking is required.
Q7. What happens if the current Owners of Rowanwater decide to sell the site?
A7. The sale of all lodges, whether residential or holiday, and the issue of the Written Statement or 99 year lease is all carried out in accordance with strict Terms & Conditions that are agreed by both Parties as outlined in The Mobile Homes Act 2013. The contractual obligations of the current Site Owners would pass to any new Park Owner and the Lodge Owners’ rights would be fully protected.
Q8. What do I do if I want to sell my lodge or bequeath it to a family member?
A8. If you want to sell your lodge then it is possible to do so either through the Company or independently and the costs of doing so vary accordingly. Details of this are outlined in the Contract but please feel free to ask our Sales Manager for more information on this if you require to do so.
Q9. What is the average life span of a lodge?
A9. The Manufacturers say that the average life span on a lodge is between 60 - 70 years. This depends largely on how well the lodge is sited and subsequently looked after. This is another reason why we have our comprehensive Maintenance Package in place, to ensure the longevity of all lodges on Rowanwater.
Q10. What is the warranty of my lodge?
A10. The different manufacturers have different warranties on their lodges and this information can be easily provided for you should you require it. We are a "Gold Shield Warranty" registered park so Lodge Owners can register for an additional 10 years coverage under this scheme. Please ask the Sales Manager for more information on this should you require.
Q11. What services are there to the lodges and how are these paid for?
A11. Rowanwater is on mains sewer and has the advantage of being linked to the mains natural gas system which is considerably cheaper than bottled LPG gas that is provided on most other lodges parks. All lodges are supplied with natural gas, water, electricity and a telephone land line. We pay for gas, water and electricity supplied to site on a monthly basis. All lodges have gas, water and electric meters which are read on a quarterly basis and we invoice the consumption to the Lodge Owner at the same rate that we are charged by the Service Provider with a quarterly £25 admin charge. The Lodge Owner makes their own arrangements for telephone land lines and broadband.
Q12. Why is there a Maintenance Charge?
A12. Rowanwater aims to provide a hassle-free way of living in the country and ensure that a high standard is maintained on our site. Other parks will carry out services such as power washing lodges and decking, mowing gardens etc. and charge extra for this service. We offer everything that is required to ensure that all lodges and their gardens are maintained to a high standard covered by one annual payment. All too often Lodge Owners can experience their properties being devalued because a neighbouring plot or lodge is neglected. This will not happen on Rowanwater. The charge also covers the cost of maintaining the free Wi-Fi system and CCTV system on the site, gritting of roads and parking areas in winter and full garden maintenance. We will also look after lodges during the owner’s absence if required.
Q13. Why do I have to pay a deposit?
A13. You are required to pay a deposit because the lodges are bespoke and are made to your exact specifications so it will be a unique order. If you are buying a pre-designed lodge which is already sited on Rowanwater then you are not required to pay a deposit.
Q14. Can I have a different lodge exterior?
A14. We offer a bespoke lodge service and interiors, within reason, can be designed to the owners personal choice and taste. However the exterior of the lodges have to be clad in Canexel, Sierra in colour with Abbey Stone bases and natural stone flags. The window frames in uPVC oak and the roofs in Metrotile Textured Charcoal roof tiles. All decking has to be supplied and fitted by our nominated supplier, AB Sundecks Ltd and manufactured from galvanised steel frame with Oak uPVC to match the windows and glass panels with non-slip boards. This combination has been approved by Wyre Borough Council to blend in with the beautiful country surroundings and also offers the best combination for ease of maintenance and safety.
Q15. Which Lodge Manufacturers do you work in association with?
A15. We work in association with a number of market leading Lodge Manufacturers and these are: Cambrian Pathfinder Prestige & Homeseeker Oak Grove Lakeland Leisure Homes
Q16. Rowanwater is situated next to The River Wyre, is there any chance of flooding?
A16. The village of St. Michael's-on-Wyre was flooded in the 1980s and as a result The Environment Agency installed an extensive flood defence system and the final scheme was completed around our site in 2013. The historical flood records which are available to view, show that our site has never flooded and the centre and western part of the village is considerably lower than Rowanwater. In order to obtain planning consent a detailed flood risk assessment was carried out and The Environment Agency was consulted in regards to this and designated us as being in Flood Risk Level 1 which is the lowest risk level. The Development has been designed in line with their recommendations to ensure that the lodges will not suffer from flood damage. Our Insurers have carried out surveys and offer flood risk insurance, further details of which are available on request.
Q17. Are there going to be any changes to the site and the lake?
A17. Unlike many other lodge parks in the local area, this is a one off development of 30 lodges only. We will not continue to expand or carry out more work, disturbing the tranquillity of the site. We will not be changing the site layout or the lake in any way. The only work to take place will be siting of the remaining lodges, top coat of tarmac and the planting of trees, shrubs and marginal water plants to replace the ones that were lost when the lake was altered. This will always be carried out with as much discretion as possible and in conjunction and in agreement of Lodge Owners.
Q18. Can I have a telephone landline?
A18. All our lodges are wired for landline telephones and the Lodge Owner should contact their chosen provider such as BT to arrange for their own number which normally takes around 4 to 6 weeks.
Q19. Do I pay Stamp Duty on the purchase of the lodge?
A19. No. There is no stamp duty payable on the lodges. In order to verify this you may download the HMRC document that explains the situation. This is at
Q20. Can I run my laptop, smart TV and smart phone off the free Wi-Fi?
A20. The free Wi-Fi provided at Rowanwater is for general browsing only. The network does have certain limitations to save guard against viruses and the viewing of illegal content. The streaming of films and TV programmes is not permitted on the Rowanwater Wi-Fi because, as we are a small site, the network is not strong enough to support multiple users while streaming video. If Lodge Owners require the internet for uses other than general browsing, sending emails and internet shopping, they can arrange for a supplier of their choice to come and connect their lodge to broadband using the existing telephone line in which is already connected to the lodge.

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