Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 10.43.01David Bellamy Conservation Award.

Professor David Bellamy has awarded Rowanwater with a Silver Conservation Award and named us as one of the UK’s most environmentally friendly places to live!

Throughout the course of Rowanwater’s lakeside lodge development, the Owners have planted 250 metres of Beech Hedging and a large variety of different indigenous trees including Rowan Trees, Birch Trees, Willows and Alder Trees. These trees have provided shelter around the lake and now Pink Footed, Grey Lag and Canada Geese often nest here over Spring and Summer.

Strategic placement of bird boxes and bat boxes has provided shelter for native bird species and endangered bats to encourage them to return to Rowanwater now that the work has finished and their environment is once again still and tranquil.

We have planted dozens of marginal water plants, including dogwood and irises, that not only enhance the natural look of the recently reconfigured lake but also provide nesting areas for moorhens, coots, mallards and teal as well as a spawning ground for toads.

As we are in such a undisturbed and peaceful location, we are fortunate to have a local Kingfisher who flits between the banks of the River Wyre and the lakeside, keeping a watchful eye out for little fish to catch but you have to be fast to catch a glimpse of our favourite Resident! We are delighted by this because British Waterways’ ecologists’ research shows that the presence of a Kingfisher is a key indicator of good water quality and a healthy ecosystem.

Recently there have been reported sitings of an Otter in the early morning hours who also splits his time between fishing in the river and in the lake. Fishing is reserved for  lodge residents only on Rowanwater but we make an exception for these, since they are so cute!

Rowanwater’s Environmental Policies will be up for review again in 2016 and will be striving for a Gold Award! We plan to plant more marginal water plants and create a small wildlife corner at the bottom end of the lake to provide shelter for small woodland animals.

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